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Our algorithm is based on distributed computing technology and data analysis. It leverages information about your site, its current indexing status and search engine "opinion". By maximizing the search engines' evaluation of your site through the use of key queries, we can get your website to the top in 45 days.

SEaccelerator's advanced technology has already allowed us to get 25,000 keywords in the Top 3.

70% of keywords get to the Number 1 position.

Customer: culinary portal

Task: get top ranking for the site

Result: 497 keywords were shown in the Top 3, and 357 of them reached Number 1. This yielded an increase in traffic from 270 visits a day to 1,200.

Increased traffic, optimized sites

Customer: mail-order website based in China

Task: double traffic via an SEO-optimized website

Result: although the site was originally adequately optimized and many queries performed well, after the implementation of SEaccelerator the number of visitors increased from an average of 700 visitors per week to 2,500

Promotion in highly competitive niches

Customer: travel website

Task: promote the site according to the most frequent keyword in the Yandex Top 10

Result: 20 keywords with a frequency above 1,500 were in the Top 3 after 1 month

Real results within 10 days

Customer: printing company

Task: extreme website promotion to top ranking at the beginning of the busy season

Result: 45 out of 57 promoted keywords hit the Top 10 in the first week of the system

Landing page promotion

Customer: LED equipment sales

Task: landing page promotion with a small semantic core

Result: the number of keywords placed at the top in Yandex increased from 10% to 99% in 10 months.

SEaccelerator works
even while you sleep!

1. Project evaluation and consultation.

2. Agreement of contract and deposit.

3. Launch SEaccelerator and get the website to the top in Google!

4. We keep the website at the top. You pay for the results.

A revolutionary approach to the promotion of sites

Typical site optimization
  1. When you optimize your site, you pay a fixed amount every month, regardless of the results
  2. Websites usually get to the top within 6 to 8 months of beginning site optimization work
  3. After the website reaches the top, SEOs continue to work only when it slips down the rankings
  4. SEO optimizers charge depending on the amount of work and number of specialists
  5. It is difficult to estimate the return on investment and the time it takes to generate income from SEO promotion.
SEaccelerator website promotion
  1. In SEaccelerator, funds are debited only when a specific search query reaches the top
  2. The first keywords get to the top about 28 days after project launch
  3. SEaccelerator works on all keywords every day, regardless of their position
  4. You can calculate the costs based on the desired result in SEaccelerator
  5. You can predict the return on investment and get confirmation of the figures in about 2 months

95% of website optimization companies do not have such a guarantee

Payment for results

Funds are deducted from your deposit only when a specific keyword reaches the Top 3, Top 5 and Top 10. Data from a well known third-party system are provided as confirmation.

Return Guarantee

We will refund your money if we do not fulfill our obligations to promote the site. If the result was partially achieved, the refund amount will be adjusted to take into account the ranking achieved. It is important to us that the results of our work should be useful to you. Hence, these conditions are specifically set out in each contract.

Legal clarity

The contract must be agreed before work starts. It describes the cost of introducing keywords into the top positions and specifies the approximate timing of the work.

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  • Get your one-page website to the top in Google
  • High-quality SEO traffic
  • A great way to test a business hypothesis
  • Up to 50 keywords

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  • Be competitive with the strongest market players
  • Deliver your offer to a wider audience
  • A great start for your developing business
  • Up to 100 keywords

What will I get?

  • Leadership in the niche in any region of the country
  • Maximum visibility for your business
  • Attract enterprise-level customers
  • Up to 500 keywords

What will I get?

  • Stable flow of requests/buyers
  • Ability to compete in different regions
  • Maximum audience reach
  • Up to 3000 keywords

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